Tuesday, 6 March 2012

A disappointing discovery

Delamination! Aghhh!

There's something wrong with my camera too, which is why the top right of the image has that pattern on it.

I was playing around with my moisture meter, and looking around the coachroof closely trying to find the source of a small leak. I'd thought the leak was from the bolts attaching the hand rail to the roof, but I've fixed that. Then I noticed some small holes in the gel coat...

The moisture meter shows red in the area I've marked with tape and a pencil line. I drilled a few exploratory holes, and didn't like what I found, so chopped out a square, and here's what the sample looks like:

The foam was barely attached to the outer skin, and blackening between the skin and the foam shows the extent of the damage. I guess the damage is limited by the size of the foam panel - neighbouring panels are unaffected.

Clearly this section of the roof will need to have the foam replaced. And while I am doing that, I may as well dig exploratory holes all over the roof, wherever the meter indicates any dampness. But this job is for later.

A fog came down, and my back which has been giving me a lot of trouble lately, started playing up. Driving home in the fog, in pain, contemplating this new problem wasn't a lot of fun.

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