Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Staniel Cay to Fowl Cay

Staniel Cay is one of those places where the big posh boats go.

This kind of thing, which needs to anchor so far offshore, further boats are needed to get crew and guests ashore and back.

And this kind of thing, which is towing a fishing boat with a 70hp engine on the back, as well as carrying a dinghy at the back and another dinghy and a jet-ski on the top floor.

Some are almost as big as the islands they park beside. This one has set up a volley ball court, three tents, some tables and chairs with parasols. There's nothing else on the island.

So now you know, if you didn't before, where your tax evasion money goes, your obscene bonuses, your unearned trust funds and your unearned inheritances. Sponsoring private volleyball matches on private islands. I doubt very much that these people know or care about the price of vegetables.

This is another private island - Fowl Cay, where we are now anchored.

You weren't supposed to snort any until after you'd landed!

Oh well, who needs drugs in a place like this?

This might be our last dive spot in the Bahamas, before the crew fly off to S America, and I sail back across the Atlantic. What we wanted was some food, some nice diving, and well, I've always had a secret wish for super powers. Would be handy wouldn't it, before a 3,000 mile solo voyage?

I found the food.

And Tom from Triad tried to catch it with his lobster noose, a sort of underwater lasso.

Sounds crazy but

And there was a bit of coral about, and some pretty fish, and some caves on Rocky Dundas - a tiny island a short row away.

Rocky Dundas

And in those caves inside Dundas, on our last dive on our last trip in the Bahamas, before our next big challenge, well, I finally got my super powers.

Of course, Sif wanted her own powers.

After that, we sealed the cave entrance so that no-one else could get in and steal the secret of our powers, leaving just a small gap for our nemesis in case we turn evil. Tom pointed out that today was Easter Sunday, and Jesus was beamed up to heaven from a cave on this day, but it's not those kind of powers we got Tom.

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