Friday, 3 April 2015

Staniel cay

There are a couple of things you must do in Staniel Cay. They won't let you leave otherwise. Dive into Thunderball cave, and feed the pigs. So we cracked on with it.

But first, if there's anyfink you need doing here, anyfink at all, just arsk Big Ray:

Not little Jimmy, he's no use.

Big Ray, he's da geezer.

Cave daughter.

Here comes a pig, to see what we've brought to feed him.

He takes a sniff at yesterday's rice and lentils.

But even a pig can be persuaded to eat the stuff.

Just throw it into their unsuspecting mouths.

There's got to be a caption for this one.. any suggestions?

I think we can go now.


  1. Is roast pig permissable? and where are all the little piggies?

  2. hi John, it's a very attractive picture of the pig, it looks like a poster for a cruise ship, so - 'Come sail with me'

  3. um i'm not anonymous, I'm Lesley.

  4. I expect the pigs are roasted once the cruisers have fattened them up.